Wood Curtain Wall Systems

Wood Curtain Wall Systems

Wood Curtain Walls take the natural warm beauty of wood and combine it with the sleek strong beauty of aluminum to create an architectural masterpiece.

SA-FE offers a wide variety of wood species finishes and profiles for the interior wood components. The exterior options for glass and glazing provide the design flexibility needed by the architect to achieve the look and style they envision.


  • EPDM gasket
  • 1/4” to 1-1/2” glazing (1" Standard)
  • Three drainage levels
  • Polythermid thermal isolator between exterior and interior aluminum
  • Pressure glazing
  • Glass clips for reinforcement for larger units
  • Accepts all SA-FE wood windows and doors


  • Aluminum alloys: 6005, 6060, 6463, 6063
  • Various mullion depths available
  • Wide variety of cover profiles
  • "F" perimeter anchors
  • Custom thermal isolator with gasket lips
  • Individual gasket with butyl tape
  • Base ventilation and pressure equalization on four corners of each field
  • Special profile for vapor barrier
  • Blinds between glass
  • 220 colors options in Aluminum
  • Select from a variety of wood species


  • Design Pressure: +/- 60 psf
  • Air Infiltration: <0.01 cfm/ft2
  • Water Test Pressure: 15 psf
  • Uniform Load Structural: -/+90 psf


SA-FE Windows and Doors use top quality hardware when manufacturing all their products. Click on the links below for more information.

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