SA-FE sunshades offer the perfect architectural solution to today's energy concerns. Sunshades not only enhance the architectural style of the building, they increase the energy efficiency as well. Angled to deflect direct sunlight and allow ambient light in, they help maintain the temperature inside a building with a lot of windows. Occupants will appreciate the added level of comfort.



  • Recycled aluminum framing
  • Modular design and integral alignment features for ease of installation
  • Thermally improved mullion attachments
  • Efficient shade factor design that minimizes solar heat gain
  • Controllable system/lighting - control solar heat gain and harvest natural daylight to meet sustainable design goals
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Low-emitting paints + adhesives and sealants


  • Extruded blades, perforated sheet, "catwalk" grids or solid shading
  • Variety of blade and outrigger styles
  • Square, rectangular, and oval cross pieces/nosings
  • Solid panel shading in a variety of shapes
  • Transparent, translucent, or silk-screened glass sun shades
  • Durable, anodized, kynar 500 or powder coated finishes
  • Finishes can match/contrast curtain wall framing
  • 220 color options

Product Data Sheet

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