fiber-cementSA-FE is a distributor of EQUITONE Fiber Cement. Fiber C is a high-tech fiber concrete that looks like stone. It is made by combining cement and cellulose. This produces multi-layer fiber material that is highly stressable, light-weight and has a high flexural strength.

The high-tech performance of Fiber C creates the opportunity for cost-saving constructions of durable, cutting-edge facade systems. EQUITONE  Fiber C has a life expectancy that exceeds 50 years even in the most demanding exterior applications. It withstands frosts, storms and extreme temperature fluctuations. The Fiber C panels are water resistant, fire resistant, insect resistant and resistant to effects of climate.

EQUITONE Fiber C is a natural, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable building material that offers a wide range of uses, colors and shapes. With less impact and more performance, EQUITONE Fiber C is the solution for architects looking for a sustainable building product that will improve energy efficiency, provide the flexibility of design they love and be durable enough to last for generations.

With Fiber C, architects have the freedom to design one-of-a-kind facade systems to cover buildings like a thin beautiful skin of stone.

Fiber C is used for:

  • Facade Systems
  • Building Skins
  • Interiors
  • Concrete Siding
  • Design Elements
  • Green Buildings
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