Composite Metal Panels

Composite Metal Panels

Composite Metal Panels consist of two sheets of smooth aluminum thermobonded to a fire-retardant polyethylene core in a continuous process. The end product is large, extremely flat metal panels that can be shaped, curved, and bent into any shape needed to create an architectural masterpiece. Composite Metal Panels can have a mirror like luster, mimic the look of wood with virtually no maintenance or be color matched for an endless color palette. They are one of the most versatile building products on the market.

Composite Metal Panels are light weight and easily installed, decreasing the overall construction schedule and saving precious time and money. They have vibration and sound dampening qualities. If you are in need a green solution Composite Metal Panels are a good answer. Approximately 70% of the aluminum is recycled making it environmentally responsible and sustainable.

With SA-FE’s professional manufacturing and installation your commercial building will be protected from the elements. SA-FE’s skilled craftsmen will manufacture even the most complicated geometric shapes needed to meet the architect’s vision.

Composite Metal Panels can be used for:


  • Thermoplastic core
  • Coil coated skins
  • EcoClean coating
  • Rout and Return installation method
  • Standard 2-coat finish


  • Aluminum, zinc, copper, titanium, stainless steel
  • Thermoplastic core– polyethylene or fire resistant
  • Opaque, metallic or mica finishes
  • Custom color formulations
  • Bent or rollformed to fit curved configurations
  • Wet-seal or dry-seal
  • Hot air welding
  • Interior installed with lightweight extrusions or in partition systems

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