Folding Glass Wall Systems

Folding Glass Wall Systems

Folding Glass Wall DividerSA-FE Folding Glass Walls can transform an ordinary space into much more.

They provide the opportunity to transform your private office space into a larger open working area for meetings or conferences.

You can quickly and easily transform your ordinary sunroom into an open extension of the outdoors. This immediately offers you the ability to host a larger number of guests comfortably with style.

Folding Glass Wall Systems are made exclusively of the highest quality components to withstand high temperature variations as well as humid and salty environments. The European style and handsome, sleek lines allow glass areas to be maximized.

Smooth sliding and folding operations with state-of-the-art European hardware make the system easy to use and maintain with built in compensation and adjustment features. The multiple-points locking mechanism operates with the turn of the handle.

With slender profiles and a choice of sheet metal or highly polished surface finishes, SA-FE Folding Glass Walls blend elegance with durability. Thermally insulated, they are an energy-saving investment for years to come.

SA-FE Folding Glass Wall Systems are design and built for:

  • Industrial areas
  • Coastal (salty) areas
  • Areas with stringent hygiene requirements
  • Near roads (withstand salt and grit)

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