Aluminum Systems

Store Fronts and Operable Walls

SA-FE exterior store fronts are as beautiful as they are functional. SA-FE offers both folding and sliding store fronts. In the summer months operable store fronts can open a complete wall to create a larger space for pool side use or to hold an indoor/outdoor event making the interior area feel part of the outdoor entertainment area.

Interior operable glass walls or operable solid walls are the perfect solution if you need more space during conferences or conventions. Offices can maintain private areas until a larger space is needed. Hotels can divide conference rooms with solid folding wall systems to provide more options to conference guests depending on the sizes of their group.

SA-FE store fronts are made exclusively of the highest quality components to withstand high temperature variations as well as humid and salty environments. Depending on the style desired they can be aluminum or wood clad systems. They can be built to provide privacy or allow for a clear view. SA-FE has a variety of options to choose from providing complete flexibility to the architect.

Like all SA-FE products, our sliding and folding wall systems are engineered to withstand heavy winds and a lifetime of use. Make the most of your space with a sliding or folding wall system from SA-FE.

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