blinds2SA-FE Venetian blinds combine perfect sun protection from outside with a modern design. In their construction, they are similar to louver blinds, but are much stronger. SA-FE outside Venetian blinds are rust-proof and withstand even extreme weathering conditions. Their wide slats can be adjusted to any angle from inside, ensuring the right amount of brightness in the room at any time of day. Through an extensive color range in slats and guide rails, SA-FE Venetian blinds are at the same time a stylistic means for creative facade design.

Key features:

  1. Folded cover panel in many shapes and colors.
  2. Tap rail made of extruded aluminum, no rolled aluminum strip or galvanized steel strips; no rusting, kinking or twisting.
  3. Draw tape in weather-resistant design. An inconspicuous 6 mm in width, but 1000 N tensile strength.
  4. All holes punched in slats have plastic eyelets to guide draw tapes and fasten the cross-pieces of the Trevira ladder string. This reduces abrasion on the draw tapes and stabilizes the entire blind in the event of wind.
  5. Triple spot welded guide nipples made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide ensure strength and elasticity.
  6. 25 mm deep guide rails ensure that the slats run perfectly even in the event of heat movements of the facade and slats. Black plastic welts are inserted in the guide rail for soundproofing. The guide rails allow Venetian blinds up to 500 cm in width to be installed in one piece.
  7. The bottom rail is also made of extruded aluminum section with black plastic end caps and sliding rail end guide, which prevents the bottom rail from becoming unhinged. No jamming.
  8. Maintenance-free center motor, protection type IP 54. Motor power is transferred to two shaft outlets and is evenly distributed even with combined systems. Center motors allow the use of very narrow blinds.

PVC-U roller shutters and shading systems for windows and doors.
Roller shutters offer effective protection from environmental influences like sun, heat and blinding light. They also provide screening from view and protection against uninvited guests. In winter, they raise the level of thermal insulation when they are closed.

electric blindsSA-FE roller shutter systems, suitable both for new-build and renovation projects, deliver matching window and add-on roller shutter units, including roller shutter guide and motor, from a single source. In renovation projects, old windows can also be replaced by a window roller shutter combination with optimum light penetration.

The benefits for you as an architect are: two trades supplied from a single source, and an optimum solution in form and function, based on well thought-out technology and narrow face widths.

blindsKey features:

  • Sophisticated appearance
  • Innovative technology
  • High level of system security
  • Excellent quality
  • Screening from view, noise reduction, protection against light, heat and break-in
  • Two trades supplied from a single source
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