Lookout North & South

Lookout North & South

Where superior window and wall system solutions meet beautiful architecture to create the ultimate luxury living experience.

Lookout North and South are part of the Hudson Harbor neighborhood on the banks of the Hudson River. This luxury community is within 15 minutes of New York City. The architecture was carefully planned to be unique to create diversity throughout the neighborhood and offer residents a style unique to their tastes but that still blends with the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Lookout North and South are an important part of the Hudson Harbor community offering residents luxury waterfront condos. The overall style of Lookout North and South is made possible with SA-FE Windows and Doors.

The aluminum window wall systems used on Lookout North and Lookout South were manufactured by SA-FE. The glass used changes colors as it reflects the sunlight at different times of the day. SA-FE's beautiful, modern, clear glass railing offers the residents a spectacular, unhindered view of the Hudson River. Windows that run the full height of the rooms invite the natural beauty of the buildings surroundings into every condo. The bathrooms have been enhanced with quality glass shower enclosures manufactured by SA-FE. 

The vestibules of both buildings have SA-FE's wood clad wall systems and automatic sliding glass doors. A grand entrance into luxury. For more information visit the Hudson Harbor website.

206 W. Kendig Road Willow Street, PA 17584